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1. Orders

All orders for a publication, whether physical or digital, imply that the customer explicitly and unreservedly accepts these general terms and conditions of sale, and waives any general terms and conditions of purchase.

Orders are placed primarily via our website, An email confirming that the order has been accepted will be automatically sent to the customer.

Orders may only be cancelled following the agreement of the Archives of the Palace of Monaco. In such cases, the cancellation will be confirmed in writing via email.

Users acknowledge that they have the skills and resources required to access and use this website. 

Website users acknowledge that they have verified that the computer equipment used does not contain any viruses and is in perfect operating condition. The website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in the event of force majeure, IT problems, problems associated with communications networks or technical problems.

In addition, the website operator may, for maintenance reasons, suspend access to the site, having made every effort to warn users in advance.

2. Prices

The sale prices displayed on the Archives of the Palace of Monaco website are valid until such time as a new publication is posted cancelling the previous terms and conditions. Prices may be changed without warning. In such cases, the reference prices are those published on the websites (not those that appear in catalogues or paper media).

Prices are charged on the basis of the rates valid on the date the order is submitted. They are exclusive of tax, in euros, carriage paid, in mainland France.

3. Payment

In an exception to the provisions of Article L. 144-6 of the Commercial Code, payment for orders is made primarily online, by bank card.

4. Invoicing

The invoices for all orders shipped will be available in your personal area on the website.

5. Delivery

Delivery will be made to the address indicated by the customer and confirmed on acceptance of the order, and will be considered as having been made from the moment the order arrives at said address.

Delivery times are provided purely for indicative purposes and cannot be guaranteed. Any delay in fulfilling orders may not be used as grounds for cancelling an order, refusing the goods or claiming compensation.

The goods, even carriage paid, are transported at the recipient’s risk and it is up to the recipient to check their condition on delivery. Such checks should cover the quality, quantity and reference numbers of the goods, and ensure that they match the order. Shipping times are never guaranteed.

Any delay due to force majeure will result in the application of additional waiting time.

6. Unforeseen circumstances

The occurrence of a force majeure event that is likely to delay or prevent the sale, or make the cost of the sale exorbitant shall result in a suspension of the fulfilment of the Archives of the Palace of Monaco’s contractual obligations.

A force majeure event is any event of any kind that is outside the reasonable control of one or other of the parties, such as fire, disruption to the supply of raw materials, a power outage or breakdown of machinery that makes it impossible to complete the work by the deadline, strike, transport disruption of any kind, and legal or regulatory provisions affecting the production or delivery of products.

If the event is ongoing for more than three months, the Archives of the Palace of Monaco reserves the right, beyond this timeframe, to cancel the order without penalty.

7. Complaints

Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 5, paragraph 5 of these terms and conditions, any damage, missing items or packaging defects noted on receipt of the packages must, without fail, be noted on the shipping receipt following careful checking of the delivery and should be notified to the carrier in a letter with acknowledgement of receipt within no more than 48 hours, with a copy sent to the Archives of the Palace of Monaco. Under no circumstances may disputes with carriers be used to justify a failure to pay for goods which have been invoiced.

Complaints regarding the quality of the goods will only be accepted within a maximum of three working days following the date on which the goods were received or the date that the carrier’s discharge is signed. Complaints must be sent by registered letter to the head office of the Archives of the Palace of Monaco. In the event of a defective delivery, the Archives of the Palace of Monaco guarantee only to exchange the goods for products which are consistent with the order, and expressly excludes payment of any compensation for any losses directly or indirectly suffered, particularly in the event of a force majeure situation, an unforeseen event or an event which would make it impossible for our company to fulfil its obligations.

8. Penalty clause

In the event of the need to seek recovery through legal means, and independently of the Archives of the Palace of Monaco’s right to terminate the contract of a customer who does not fulfil their obligations, in addition to the invoice amount, a penalty or 10% of the sum owed or the actual costs incurred if these are higher, shall be payable, in addition to late payment interest.

9. Information technology and civil liberties

In accordance with the provisions of Act No. 1.165, dated 23 December 1993, relating to the protection of personal data, as amended, the Archives of the Palace of Monaco undertake to protect the confidentiality of personal information supplied by users when requesting information from the Palace of Monaco or subscribing to the Newsletters sent by email. Such information is used as part of automated processing for the purpose of “a public information website”.

Personal information collected in this way is retained for as long as it takes to process the request and for the duration of the user’s subscription.

You have the right to access and update your personal information.

To exercise this right, please contact the Archives of the Palace of Monaco, Place du Palais Princier, MC 98000, Tel. +377 93 25 18 31, or click here to contact the Palace of Monaco Archives.10. Clause attributive de juridiction compétente

En cas de litige, que ce soit sur la réalisation de travaux ou sur les présentes conditions générales de vente, les tribunaux de Monaco seront seuls compétents, même en cas de pluralité de défendeurs ou d'appel en intervention forcée.

10. Forum selection clause

In the event of a dispute, whether regarding the execution of work or these general terms and conditions of sale, the courts of Monaco shall have exclusive competence, even in the case of multiple defendants or compulsory joinders.