The Annales Monégasques editorial committee helps the director to determine the editorial line and evaluate proposed articles. It brings together individuals with expertise and experience of the history of Monaco and its Princes, local scholarship and scientific research.

Director: Thomas Fouilleron

Editorial committee: Olivia Antoni, Jean-Rémy Bézias, Franck Biancheri, Maryse Biancheri, Thomas Blanchy, Michaël Bloche, Claude-Aline Encenas, Yves Giraudon, Stéphane Lamotte, Régis Lécuyer, Claude Passet, Inès Igier-Passet, Martine Rousseau-Chatelain, Vincent Vatrican ; Paule Druilhe-Favre (1908-2001), Georges Favre (1905-1993), R.P. Louis Frolla (1904-1978), Thérèse Ghizzi (1924-2016), Jean-Baptiste Robert (1919-2008), Stéphane Vilarem (1913-1991).